Friday, August 12, 2011

Things to do in NYC: Proteus Gowanus Art Space

543 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Gallery Hours
SAT & SUNDAYS, 12-6 pm

I love this place. This is a great art space in an under-utilized, under-visited part of Brooklyn. From their website:

Proteus Gowanus is an interdisciplinary gallery and reading room housed in a former 1900 box factory located centrally among several vibrant Brooklyn communities. Proteus Gowanus is named after both the Greek sea god who could change form and the neighboring Gowanus Canal, a changing post-industrial waterfront area with a thriving artistic community and a history dating back to the Revolutionary War and earlier.

Proteus Gowanus exhibitions, programs and publications are developed by a core collaborative of artists, writers and workers in other disciplines, with help from an extended community of PG correspondents. Proteus Gowanus also works reciprocally with a group of non-profit partner organizations that utilize the Proteus space and receive proceeds from sales. Proteus Gowanus incorporates the rich, interdisciplinary resources of its non-profit partners into exhibits and programs.

Some regular events at Proetus Gowanus:

Every Thursday 7 pm, the Fixers Collective meets at Proteus Gowanus. The Fixers’ Collective is a social experiment in improvisational fixing and mending. The project grew out of our 2008/9 theme, Mend, in response to a sense that ‘fixing things,’ from the mundane to the profound, had grown increasingly out of our reach. Bring in your broken thing and see if, together, we can improve it.

Morbid Anatomy Library: The Morbid Anatomy Library is a private research library and collection of curiosities, books, artworks, photographs, ephemera, and artifacts relating to medical museums, anatomical art, collectors and collecting, cabinets of curiosity, the history of medicine, death and society, natural history, arcane media, and curiosity and curiosities broadly considered.

Every Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 pm, the Writhing Society meets at Proteus to practice and discuss writing with constraints. $5 fee.

Museum of Matches: The Museum of Matches is an interdisciplinary project that explores the Cold War, its antecedents and its legacy through visual art, documents, photographs, books, memorabilia, and publications, using the wooden match, a disappearing artifact, as a central visual element.

Reanimation Library: Reanimation Library is an independent library of books that have fallen out of mainstream circulation. Designed as a resource for artists, writers and other cultural archeologists, the library offers visual and written resources selected to facilitate the production of new creative work.

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