Saturday, August 13, 2011

NYC Local Business: Community Bookstore, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Community Bookstore
143 Seventh Avenue
Park Slope, Brooklyn

I admit I use online bookstores more than regular bookstores these days. But we have an excellent local bookstore practically across the street from us that is a great alternative to the mass market online stores when you want something unusual. It is a great atmosphere to read, shop and hang out. Comfortable and relaxed. It also has a long history in the community since it claims to be Brooklyn's oldest bookstore (40 years of serving the community!).

Community Bookstore is owned by Catherine Bohne. I have heard Catherine tell her story of running a small business in tough times since 9/11 and during the two Bush Recessions while also being an active part of the community. Eventually her business, like so many around America these days, was not going to make it. Word went out through the community and the community responded in an "It's a Wonderful Life" moment, helping her to save her business. This is one of those real American stories of community's pulling together to help their friends and neighbors.

I only recently found out that you can buy books online from Community Bookstore as well as send requests for finding books. If you want to find a book but don't have the full info on it, you can send them what you remember about the book by email ( ) and they will look for it for you. That is a service the big online bookstores won't do for you.

In the same block is a good pizza place (Joe's Pizza at 137 7th Ave.). Also near by is a higher end local restaurant called Moim serving excellent modern Korean food (206 Garfield Place).

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