Saturday, June 16, 2012

Five Guys Got Together to Make Some Burgers and Fries

I don't eat beef much because of all the meats it is the most environmentally destructive. But I do like a good burger. Among my favorites is a local places in Brooklyn called "Bonnie's Grill" which has really good hamburgers and the best fries I have ever had at a reasonable price.

But for really low priced but tasty burgers, it is hard to beat Five Guys. Though a chain they do a good job of using fresh ingredients, cooking to order, and giving a good product. I also like the fact they offer free peanuts in the shell, which is a good way to kill time while they are cooking your burger. Their fries are quite good (the cajun fries leave me a bit flat, but the regular fries are good), but my son and I actually prefer ordering burgers and munching on the peanuts instead of getting the fries. But that's just us. My wife and step daughter always want to get the fries and though the size of the fries order looks small, they tend to way, way over load it so you wind up with a huge amount of fries even with the small order. The burgers come with a good selection of toppings. The grilled mushrooms and the grilled onions are particularly good.

My son also likes the hot dogs there, though I have never tried them.

It has also always struck me that the workers at Five Guys always seem much happier than most fast food places I go to. Turns out there is a reason. Five guys, almost unique among fast food burger joints except for maybe In-n-Out, actually treat their workers well. They offer paid sick days (again, unusually) and good opportunities for advancement. They get a "Gold Prize" from Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, an organization advocating for restaurant workers.

Now if I want to pay more for a better burger, I go to Bonnie's Grill in NYC or Umami Burger in Los Angeles. They are definitely better than Five Guys, but also 2-3x the price. For a good, satisfying, cheap burger, nothing beats Five Guys.

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