Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Musical Discoveries: The Evolution of my Son's Tastes in Music

My son has always had an affinity for music, though sometimes that affinity has taken strange and unexpected turns. Most recently he happened to notice something I was reminding myself of after Clint Eastwood's Superbowl ad (I was listening to the theme song to Kelly's Heroes) and he IMMEDIATELY loved it and wanted to learn the lyrics.

Many of these songs he for awhile picked up the lyrics (where there are lyrics and even if in a language none of us knew). Partly I just love the variety. And many are things that he helped me discover.

Highlights of my son's musical tastes over the years (Pokemon songs NOT included!)

Kodo Drummers of Japan "Iromori" and "Lion": (1-2 years old) one of his VERY first songs to actually sing (he couldn't do the words yet, but he got the tune) was...well, this: (<1-2 years old)

5 6 7 8's "Woo Hoo": (1-2 years old) He was VERY into this every time a Vonage commercial came on, and ultimately got us interested in Vonage (which we finally switched to recently after MetTel screwed us three months in a row).

Afia Mala (Royal Princess of Togo) singing Segne: (2-3 years old)

Bob Marley "Three Little Birds": (3-4 years old)

Woodie Guthrie This Land is Your Land: (3-5 years old)

"L'cha Dodi" sung by the Abayudaya, Jews of Uganda:

Tom Lehrer The Elements: (4-6 years old)

And my son singing the same song at the age of 5: (yes with some air guitar as well)

The Clash Lost in the Supermarket: (4-5 years old) (sorry this one has an ad before the music)

Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here" and "Welcome to the Machine": (4-5 years old)

Gogol Bordello "Immigraniada": (6 years old)

Matisyahu "Youth": (6-7 years old)

"Ode to Joy" by Beethoven...okay this isn't the version he knows but I couldn't resist (he does like the song, though!)

And his sister got him briefly into Bohemian Rhapsody...and I think THIS should be the canonical version:

And, most strangely perhaps, his most recent favorite: Mike Curb Congregation "Burning Bridges" (which happens to come from one of my old favorite movie classics): (7 years old)

I am amazed at the variety of what catches his attention and we seldom (with a few exceptions like the Elements Song, which came after he was already obsessed with Chemistry) can predict what he will latch on to.

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