Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NYC Restaurant Review: Mia Chef Gelateria - Food At Your Fingertips

Mia Chef Gelateria
379 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10016
(212) 889-8727

"This is the best ice cream I have ever had!"

That is my son's reaction the first time he tasted the Gelato here. Stuck among a bunch of almost anonymous store fronts, this place is a major find! I have to agree with my son that it is AMONG the best ice cream experiences I have ever had. My best was Robin Rose ice cream in Venice, California, but they are long gone now. So this is close to the top.

Their flavors vary. And they encourage you to try everything before ordering. And they encourage you to mix flavors. I have always gotten a small (which is very generous) with two flavors. It is PERFECT.

Their standard chocolate is magnificent. They balance it perfectly. It is dark chocolate but not bitter. I don't mind bitter, but this is just right. My son always gets this along with their Oreo cookie flavor. I love it too. They recommend it with the pistachio. I agree. Which brings me to their pistachio. Most pistachio ice cream you get is really almond flavored with a handful of pistachios thrown in. Which is fine with me because I actually like that. This pistachio is richer and more honestly pistachio and I have gotten it every time. One time mixed with chocolate. Other times mixed with other flavors.

They have had Nutella, Captain Crunch, Pecan Pie, Reese's peanut butter cup, White Chocolate and cherries, etc. etc. etc.

Every flavor is a near perfect representation of what it claims to be. I could die happy with this gelato in hand. If you are anywhere near the neighborhood, don't hesitate. Go for it. You will come back for more.

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